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Clau Cesar| MEXICO


Claudia is a mexican world-traveler-yoga-teacher and is currently writing her first memoir.
She was born and raised in Mexico City and has been living on and off in the city for the past few years, traveling through Asia in the search for deeper spirituality and eastern knowledge. She teaches Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy in the city and works as the Latin America project coordinator for The Green Lion, a foundation created in Asia that promotes worldwide volunteering through programs such as education, construction and conservation.


1. What, if any, books are you currently reading?

Currently reading Isabel Allende’s City of beasts.

2. Alma Mater(s)?

University Anahuac of Mexico

3. If you could wake up one day with a super power, what would it be?

ilimited AND cost free traveling!

4. Why do you travel?

I travel to grow. Every country and every person is a lesson and an opportunity, to both become and be a part of.

5. Plane or train?