Tell Me A Story. by Daniela Schmulevich | USA

Tell Me A Story.


USA | Daniela Schmulevich


Tell me a story.

Words flow off of his tongue and into the air.  They aren’t loud, but they have this unidentifiable grandeur about them.  Lessons are woven in the memories he is now sharing with you.

Can you hear them?

These are the lessons he learned when he was a boy.  He stored them away for safekeeping, hoping to one day share them.  Over time they have gathered some dust like toys left on a shelf.  Years of patiently waiting.

He is older now.

The delivery of the words is gentle.  He recounts the experiences in great detail, pausing as he chooses each word ever-so carefully.  One corner of his mouth rises slightly.  He gives a light laugh as he relives the moment.  You can’t help but smile as well.

You don’t know how much time has passed, but of that you are not really concerned.  He has a certain way of captivating an audience so that they lose track of what is happening around them.  He is enchanting.

You wonder what he was like at your age.  Twenty-one years old.

He is a gentle soul, whose eyes light up when he steps back into the memories of his past.

gentle soul of a gentle man


Dani Schmulevich is a Modern Day Renaissance Woman, Media Enthusiast, Writer, Music Creator/Appreciator, and Road Trip Extraordinaire, residing in LA.

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