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Yoga And Creativity


MEXICO| Clau Cesar

I have learnt much from my time being a yogi and fairly recently, a yoga teacher. It has been quite a journey within and I have also seen my external relationships nourish and grow from a place of peace, love, and calm.

But surprisingly for someone close to the arts like me, I have found something invaluable in my yoga practice and teaching: the importance of living a creative life. Creativity plays a fundamental job when it comes to Yoga. You would think that the already ‘established’ 108 postures of yoga might make the journey a little too predictable, but in all seriousness, it kind of goes the other way around.

Once you are left alone, connected to your center and rooted into the earth, only then will you understand how creative your spirit, body, and mind can be. We are all so very different. The way we react to things, the words we choose to communicate with, the height, weight and complexion of our bodies and even of our expectations.

Once you are plugged into what I call ‘the yogic trance’ everything you know by the book sort of passes to a secondary level or channel and you are truly and fully left to deal with your own self, in your own way.

That is how I felt when I improvised my first full flow, both by myself and during my first class as a teacher. I felt it. Inspiration came to me in the form of breath and movement and beauty and only in that moment of devotion, I understood it had always been there inside of me waiting to happen.

As a writer, creativity comes to me in the least expected of places like driving the car and having the next big idea for a novel, or while sharing a deep conversation with a deep human being at a dinner party and finally figuring out the best way to close that article you were stuck on for so long. But when I enter into the yoga field, deeply focused on my own movement and in control of my strain of thoughts, it feels as if my body calls upon creativity prepared to nestle it, in the deepest of concentrations.

Creativity arrives to me when I am ready, when I have set my intentions, settled on my mat and calmed my busy brain down. Out of the blue between one inhalation and one exhalation here it is, this multi-color energy creating itself from inside, moving and reaching every corner of my body, guiding me through something I can only describe as a dance with myself.

This is how I know creativity exists, not because it is a concept I use when I write, but because it (is) something that was born in the center of my soul, and without control or need, it splashes out towards the world. I am the channel, creativity is the message and yoga is the space to find a balance between both.

My classes have become my most creative and insightful lessons. I try to get in touch with my students’ feelings as they walk into class and then I get in touch with myself, deep down, ready to begin something completely new, unique and special for that very moment. I feel so present while creating, so absolutely there.

If I have struggled before with the creative process (and boy, have I struggled!) blaming it on the timing, the lack of inspiration, the overwhelming era of information we live on, or any other auto sabotage when it comes to the absolute terror of creating; my real and pure creativity has shown me otherwise. It has shown me that, through yoga, as through many other ways, creativity presents to us in the most unimaginable ways, and it takes a lot of awareness and focus to notice it, and a lot of effort and devotion to dance around it. And this goes on every single day, for the rest of our beautiful and creative lives.

My practice now is strictly linked to, for and from a creative space within me. I feel free and complete when I am together with creativity and yoga. This is how it is supposed to be for me.

How does it work for you?
What is it that you are doing right now to link yourself into the field of creativity?

If I can offer a piece of advice for anyone looking for it, I would most certainly say this:

Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath.

Let it come to you in your very own way.

Breathe it all in and let it all out.


Clau Cesar : Claudia is a Mexican world-traveler-yoga-teacher and is currently writing her first memoir.
She was born and raised in Mexico City and has been living on and off in the city for the past few years, traveling through Asia in the search for deeper spirituality and eastern knowledge. She teaches Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy in the city and works as the Latin America project coordinator for The Green Lion, a foundation created in Asia that promotes worldwide volunteering through programs such as education, construction and conservation.


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